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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Persistance:How the First TransAtlantic Cable Came Into Being

It was the 1800's, the world as we know it is dark. Electricity have just been discovered a few decades earlier. Telegraph and the Morse code is still in its earliest implementation. One man by the name of Cyrus West Field, a paper merchant, had this insane idea of connecting the two civilized continents together; Europe and America. His Ingenious yet mad idea was to lay a long continuous electric cable across the Atlantics from New York to London.

This strange Idea, as perceived by people at the time, was very hard to understand. As we can imagine, this is the 1800's, communication between the two continents takes at least two to three weeks. Being the ambitious and persistant person that he is, Field did as many research as possible to continue on with his quest. He tried so many attempts at this, one of which is by first gathering investor's money to create the long cables and lay it out. His first attempt in which he and his crew spent weeks on the sea crossing the atlantic was somewhat of a success. The cable was succesfully laid across the atlantics; however, three weeks after several successful telegraph message, the cable broke because of miscalculation of electrical strength that was transmitted.
What have seemed to be his initial success and achievement has turned sour. The media, which only a few weeks prior had praised him, turned against hime by making false accusations. His investors were furious, and he almost lost his integrity, when they accused him of profiting from investor's money through this hoax.
Yet he persisted. It took him a total of 15 years of continuous trial and error, grouping and regrouping efforts to lay the next cable across the atlantics. When the opportunity finaly came, he laid the second cable across the atlantics, this time with much more preparation and knowledge from past failure, he was able to lay the cable for good. It was such a huge success that he became a multi-millionaire in a very short time.
To the average people who have heard the story, his success was attributed by merely being lucky. However, if we look closer into the story, his achievement came from the persistance that he had, his obsession and endurance during those tough and trying times. This quality that each and everyone of us have deep inside, is what finaly made him able to achieve this giant step in mankind achievement, as well as being marked as one of the most famous people of all time.

By Parama W. Danoesubroto


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